Piles and Piles of Polymer Clay Tiles!

Remember back in one of our first blog posts I was playing with polymer clay tiles? Well, I’m at it again! I’m working on a piece and thought you’d like to see all the “before” tiles too.

The bottom of the picture is the piece I’m working on. I was trying to get an idea of what fits and what I might need. I like rearranging the tile pieces, it’s a lot like playing with the furniture in Barbie’s play house without all that pink! – T



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5 responses to “Piles and Piles of Polymer Clay Tiles!

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  2. Beth McClellan

    Those are really cool tiles. Are you just making random tiles? Or is there a method to your madness? I can’t wait to see your finished piece – Beth

    • Thanks Beth! It’s more like madness in my method. I make a load of tiles, then paint a bunch of the ones I want to use and hope I have enough. I’ve been sort of trying to fit them together first, but I seem to always change them around( or I just can’t remember how I had them). I like to have choices so want to have plenty of baked and ready to decorate! Maybe enough to share? – Tina

  3. This is so neat!!! I could never do this but I really enjoy seeing how you did it.Your clay container looks great! amazing post..Thanks for sharing!

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