Decorating With Polymer Clay Tiles

Oh my gosh, I have been having so much fun fussing over my latest projects! I really like making these little tiles and decorating stuff. This one was my first project. I wanted to do something small, I figured there would be a better chance of success. The box has polymer clay feet that match too. I do like how it came out, I’m just not sure if it’s done. I still have a lot of left overs to do more, maybe for other boxes or whatevers…

I have one more tile piece to make then I’ll show you the one you saw me working on in the last tile post. It has lots of blues, green, purple and gold. That will be next time!

I just may cover everything that’s wood in my garage. If  you know me, that’s a lot!  -T



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3 responses to “Decorating With Polymer Clay Tiles

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  2. Your garage sounds remarkably like my storage building! I used to be a decorative painter so I’ve got all sorts of small boxes and “things” designed to paint on that could just as easily be covered with polymer clay. Hmmm…. I think I remember some small star shaped lidded wooden boxes that would make great Christmas trinket boxes.

    Love the colors on this and thanks for the kick in the pants to think about all that “stuff” I collected over the years. Just need to think about it in a different way!

    • Ooo, Arlene, a storage BUILDING…impressive! Yeah, this is some of my stuff that I didn’t get around to painting either! I still like to paint, it’s just that this is the “art du jour”, so the clay wins! Come back anytime for a kick in the pants, it’s my pleasure. I’ll be happy to mess with your thinking any day! – Tina 🙂

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