Landscape Cane – The “End” of the Story!

Well on my previous post I had pictures of the canes I was working on of Mt Harding.  It was looking great before I began to reduce it.  I debated back and forth whether or not to leave it rest and take it with me to Montana as is.  I was not sure about getting it there without being half -baked in the car or smashed.  I was not sure whether I would have the time or the place to bake it so I went for it.  I know very well that you should let a cane rest before slicing.  But I needed to let it rest and become one before I started to reduce it. 

 I really worked to get it moving by slamming it down on the table and I even tried the old technique of putting the acrylic pieces on the ends to hep pull it  out.  Well, the sky refused to move and the green hills wanted to come all the way out.  I was stressed about getting out-of-town and so I went for the full reduction of the cane.  The end result looks like some space mountain or something…  I can make some interesting things with it, but they definitely did not look like Mt Harding.  So I only took the end of the cane with me to show people. 

Then I was kicking myself for not bringing it to see if somewhere deep inside there was a small portion that resembled the mountain.  Oh well….!  I will try it again.  I will post the canes I make with the messed up cane.  I found that there were actually big air pockets in the sky area.  I will go back and evaluate the whole process.  I thought I was being very meticulous in my packing of the cane.  But as you cane see – by the “End” of the story…the reduced cane did not come out as planned.  That is another adventure in caning.  Next! -K



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2 responses to “Landscape Cane – The “End” of the Story!

  1. Beth McClellan

    What a bummer – after all that hard work. You have way more patience than I do. Hope the next one turns out perfect.


  2. Thanks Beth. I will figure something out. I was up in the mountain for 2 days. I took pictures of lots of texture. I brought some back with me!

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