The New Guy In The Family

Last week while I was watering, I heard a cat jump the fence behind one of the fruit trees. So I chased it out of my yard with the water. Too bad my son Matthew was cleaning the pool at the time…I got him wet too. I tried to explain that there was a cat on the fence behind him. I don’t think he believed me. Laughing we turned around toward the fence…ok, I was the one laughing.  Anyway…the cat was coming back! It was a little kitten! Even though I didn’t get it wet, I still felt bad. I called to it and it actually came to me! Oh my gosh, he was sooo skinny, his hip bones were showing! Yup, we gave him a little snack.

Fred squeezed his way into our hearts and home.

>O.O<  – Tina

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