The Talent Behind the Details!

Going to view Crazy Horse and Mt Rushmore really makes you think about the talent needed to envision the dream of turning a mountain into a huge sculpture.  Mt Rushmore took several years.  Crazy Horse has taken over 50 and will probably take at least 20 more years.  They are using no federal funds to construct it.  So the next time you sit down with a block of clay or whatever craft/hobby you may be into think about the guys who looked at these huge chunks of rock and said – let me create this unbelievable sculpture that will be viewed by millions for years to come.  Both projects begin with an idea and are worked through a process.  They ended up having to move the presidents around because of the rocks breaking away.  They wanted them to be placed a certain way because of how the light would hit them at different times of the year.  Lots of thought went into this and also some disappointments.  It is that way with our art also.  Sometimes it takes time and trials to get the projects to completion.  So keep trying to achieve.  I have been keeping my eyes open for something to sculpt out of clay.  Maybe it will be a horse…-K


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