No Small Bird Brains Here!

Yeah, I do complain about those *#@! neighborhood cats coming over to poo in my yard. I have two cats in the house now and I don’t like cleaning up more poo than I have to! I also get irritated that they chase all the birds and lizards away. Sorry, I happen to like lizards. They eat bugs, so they are ok in my book. I’ve noticed I haven’t seen a lizard with a tail in a long time. Today there was a bird in the yard with the right idea…

Tennis shoes! Quite stylish too. I think this would help to cruise around the yard quietly. The cats would think they were tracking an elf or fairy. Not so tasty! 

He must have been an early bird, he looked like he was ready to sneak up on them worms! – T


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One response to “No Small Bird Brains Here!

  1. I wanted to let you know that I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you today! Visit my post at for details.

    I don’t think you’ve made anything out of clay that I don’t love!

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