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Adventures along the Way!

I can truly say that we had a great road trip.  We had some nice stops along the way to get out and enjoy the surroundings and in some locations family.  Montana is one of our families favorite places to go because of the different pace of life as well as the beautiful scenery that is there every time you step out the door.  Each morning you can see this mountain view, except when it is covered in snow…  Mt Harding is always up there somewhere. This is a view from down the road a bit so you get a different angle.  We got to go backpacking into Cedar Grove.  It is a nice hike in to an area where we like to spend the night next to the creek.  The views are fabulous going there as well as sitting there by the camp fire.  My husband is always giving me a bad time because I am always collecting rocks or other textures.  Things I can bring home and make something with to remember the trip.  He says that it is the only way he gets recharged to go back to work is to get up into the mountains.  It truly is a magical place and it never gets old going there. -K

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