I’ll Make My Own Then!

So as usual, I promise something I’m not sure I can do or even know if it’s possible. But I love a challenge…

 Last year I made the goody bags for the retreat. They were easy enough, a muslin drawstring bag with “LOOT” stamped on it. I didn’t have stamps big enough so I made my own from potatoes. It was fun carving the potato stamps and went pretty smoothly, unless you count the part where I had to carve the L out three times because I did it backwards twice! Which brings us to this year…pirates. There was no way I was going to make treasure chests for 75 people! So bags again! This time black bags filled with pirate “Booty”. Just like before there are no rubber stamps that fill my needs or are free. I’ve got to make my own again, this time I choose fun foam. I figured it would be better to use this time because the lettering would need to be thinner.

So, I copied, enlarged, cut out, traced, cut out, glued, cut out, glued again…

 Ta dah!

On the back of the piece of wood I glued a drawer pull too, so I could lift it up easier! I stamped all the bags with gold acrylic paint with textile medium mixed in. I really like how the stamp came out but I don’t know if I’ll ever use it again… how many things do I need with “Booty” stamped on it?!  – T


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5 responses to “I’ll Make My Own Then!

  1. The girls are all wearing sweats with stuff on them why not “Booty” K

  2. No, you mean: Nikki put the word “booty” on illustrator cuz microsoft word is **** ^-^ and then printed it out THEN you cut it out, traced it and all that good stuff x) -love your only daughter….hee

  3. Great stamp Nikki and Tina!!

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