Here’s Proof! I did Clay!

So I have been trying all week to get all the different supplies together that I have been stockpiling for years.  These are findings that I plan to use to make jewelry and other things with my clay.  I really have intended to do clay all week, but did not actually get to any claying until late of Thursday night.  I made a Natasha Bead or two.

Today was the SDPCG Round Robin.  There was 14 different classes offered  over four hour period.  It was great because you can take lots of different techniques from several instructor.  We have a potluck lunch which is always fun!  I spent a good part of the week making tickets and making sure I had the right people in the right class at the right time.  All this work ahead of time worked out becasue we did not have any scheduling problems today.

Well I did clay today!  I actually took 2 classes.  One class we made Bobbin Beads with Dotty McMillan. This technique you repurpose sewing bobbins into beads.  Then I learned how to make Faux Silk Screen by painting on the clay.  I have not created any items from the sheets yet, but I really liked the technique that Patti McElhiney taught.  Then since I had some spare time I conditioned some clay so that I was that much closer to actually making something out of Polymer Clay.  Tina may die of shock.  I think she thinks I gave it up…  BTW She taught a class today!  She taught how to make a very sweet angel.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I guess I have no other excuses for not making clay for the next few weeks.  Not if I want to have something to sell at Sandy Camp.  So don’t be surprised the next time you check back and I have new things to show you! I have a list 4 pages long of things I want to make. -K



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4 responses to “Here’s Proof! I did Clay!

  1. WOW, I am impressed.
    You did make something!!Har har har!
    Yay Kelly!!

  2. See I do clay once in a while. Thanks for noticing Ellie and Marie!

  3. Shelly

    Ok…Matey! Let’s see those 4 projects you got turned out. So exciting.

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