Pretty Polymer Clay Parrot Pens

I couldn’t think of anymore words that I could stick in the title that begin with the letter P! Oh well.

I have been working on getting my pirate groove on for our up coming polymer clay retreat. The whole family is pretty sure I’ve lost my mind. Pirate stuff has taken over my dinning room along with my clay. I’m working on pirate decorations, pirate clothing, pirate gifts, pirate related clay items to sell…pirate, pirate, pirate! All this while I’m listening to the music from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. I love the song Davy Jones. It’s the one that starts out with the music box and goes into the pipe organ….muahahaha. Ok, so this post is about what? I got a little side tracked!

Ah yes, I mean…arrgh, I’ve been making parrot pens! Every pirate needs a parrot…pen!


Oops, I guess I burnt this one! Ooo, he looks a little cranky. Arrgh! – T

Now, parrot pens available in my Etsy Shop! 



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10 responses to “Pretty Polymer Clay Parrot Pens

  1. Marty says to call him a phoenix. He looks like the cartoons when someone gets breathed on by the fire breathing dragon and all that is normal is the eyes.
    Yo ho ho ho a pirates life for me… -K

  2. I love the phoenix.
    “What is to give light, must endure burning”

    Those parrots are so durned cute!!

  3. oh these guys are just too funny. Love them.

  4. Shelly

    How about perched prettily. That should help with the additional P’s. You can never have enough P’s I say.

  5. Shelly

    I like the burnt angry one. Reminds me of myself.

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