The Wedding Cats

I have always wanted to make a wedding cake topper. Something that represents the happy couple. It sounds fun. I forgot, however, how important that day is to brides. Well, there are quite a few bridezillas out there, at least on TV. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to make cake tops. Too much pressure.  

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me on Etsy if I could…

How could I say no? She asked for characters I already make(just a color change), gave me plenty of time and agreed to my asking price. I really tried to do my absolute best. It is a big deal getting married. I wish them well and hope they live happily ever after.  – T


Filed under Clay, Polymer clay

2 responses to “The Wedding Cats

  1. These guys are absolutely adorable. If I was getting married, I would want them on my cake and I don’t even have cats anymore! Great job!

    • Thanks Deb! Maybe they could just hang out while you eat cake. They are very good listeners, they don’t talk back or even scratch up the furniture! Also a plus, no shedding!

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