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A Plate O’ Toes

Ok, you’re probably thinking that I have really lost my way in my art. Sort of like… jumped the track! Or maybe just ate something that didn’t agree with me and took it out on the clay.

No, no, no. I’m just into the little weird things in the movies. Things that a lot of people don’t notice…

I have a friend who shares an interest in Pirates of the Caribbean with me. I thought it would be fun to surprise him with something that looks like it could have fallen right off the movie screen. In the second “Pirates” movie, Jack Sparrow has been captured by some natives and is being dressed for dinner. Yes, to be dinner. A couple of the women put a necklace on him…a toe necklace. I figured I could do that!

Next I need to string these guys together!

There is something going on in my head. I can’t get past the idea that they look like toes but really aren’t. I know they are clean, but I have this need to keep washing my hands!

Here it is all done!

Kinda funny in a sick way. – Tina


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What is on My Work Space Today!

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So sometimes I clean off my workspace.  But it usually does not stay that way long.  Here is what it looks like right now.  I have a few more butterflies that I have been messing with.  Then I had to make a tile. I can’t decide how to finish it yet.  I messed with one of the new borders I got a t Sandy Camp a Cabezel.  That is the black one.  If I used that one I would have to cut down the tile… What do you think?  -K


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I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

I guess it’s better than feeling blue. It’s the season, I suppose. I made more carrot pens for my Etsy Shop and while I was at it I made more pumpkins. Happy, silly and  nervous so far. I’m doing an angry one now. Where are my tools?! This guy needs something plunged into his head. There we go!

Oops! The candy corn is real. I was snackin’.

Ok guys, group photo! Look over here…now, smile!

Group shots are so hard to get! Seems like there’s always somebody not paying attention. 

I guess that’s the best I can do. At least nobody’s mooning the camera! Crazy carrots. – T


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It’s about Time?

Steampunk Time

Don’t leave your watch laying around or it might end up like this.  In a piece of jewelry.  I usually wait for people to give me old ones or buy the parts outright.  This is a mokume gane technique I used to make this piece.  It can be worn as a pin or a pendant.  -K

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Awaiting the Great Pumpkin

Just sitting out here in the pumpkin patch, waiting for The Great Pumpkin. I, like Linus, have never seen him…

I’m guessing it’s because I don’t stay up until midnight in a cold pumpkin patch!

Not happening. – T

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Black and White Polymer Clay Tile Frame

Yesterday, I painted(with help, thank you Amanda!) a couple of frames black. Then made a bunch of tiles with my new little cutters. They really are small too, about 3/4″ x 1/2″ rectangle is the largest! At first I couldn’t decide what color to do them, so I went with your basic black and white. I was going to add color but found I really like it with just the two colors. As I was arranging  them on the frame I noticed I didn’t have enough to cover the whole thing. I did, however, like how the tiles look to be falling into place or if you turn it upside down falling off the frame.

This was a fun little project. I may have to do more! – T

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Still Steampunking Along

I can’t get enough steampunk hearts. I want to make more and more! There are other colors I haven’t even got a hold of yet! I better get a move on it. Now I’ve got steampunk adjustable rings….ooooo. They are so fun, unusual, one of a kind and very interesting.

I wonder if Frankenstein’s heart looks like this? – T


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Do you ever feel like sometimes you just can’t get in a comfortable position to take a nap? Maybe it’s because we haven’t tried this one.

Sorry this isn’t art or craft related. I just thought you would get a kick out of Fred. I think someone stole his bones! – T


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Repurposed Jewelry Part 2


Multilayered Pendant

 This piece is made up with three free swinging pendants in metal.  I placed black clay which had been textured on the back.  I used several Pearl Ex powders to pull in the color of the pendants.  It is definitely different.  I also made some additional pieces which are smaller, so that I can make earrings or other beads to use when stringing this piece. -K


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Polymer Clay and Repurposed Jewelry

Repurposed earring into a Pendant

I have been inspired to repurpose jewelry in to new pieces when combined with clay.  I have found several sets of earrings that I think will make fun pendant pieces.  The trick is trying to figure out just the right combination.  In this piece I have some gold clay which has the mica in it.  It looks almost like leather.  I know that I have had the piece made for several years.  I love the shape.  But had not done anything with it until I saw this earring piece.  I backed it with black clay and placed the earring in the center.  I really like the end result. -K


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