Polymer Clay and Repurposed Jewelry

Repurposed earring into a Pendant

I have been inspired to repurpose jewelry in to new pieces when combined with clay.  I have found several sets of earrings that I think will make fun pendant pieces.  The trick is trying to figure out just the right combination.  In this piece I have some gold clay which has the mica in it.  It looks almost like leather.  I know that I have had the piece made for several years.  I love the shape.  But had not done anything with it until I saw this earring piece.  I backed it with black clay and placed the earring in the center.  I really like the end result. -K



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3 responses to “Polymer Clay and Repurposed Jewelry

  1. What a clever idea! I love the contrast of the silver and copper against the gold. Might have to go dig around in that old jewelry box!

  2. Thanks Arlene! I am sure you will find something you can play with in your jewelry box. If not ask friends for theirs or visit you local thrift shop. It is fun to come up with repurposed ideas. I was insired by Victoria Hughes. Kelly

  3. This piece is really beautiful. You made it even better then before by setting it off with the background piece.

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