Still Steampunking Along

I can’t get enough steampunk hearts. I want to make more and more! There are other colors I haven’t even got a hold of yet! I better get a move on it. Now I’ve got steampunk adjustable rings….ooooo. They are so fun, unusual, one of a kind and very interesting.

I wonder if Frankenstein’s heart looks like this? – T



Filed under Polymer clay

2 responses to “Still Steampunking Along

  1. Beth McClellan

    That is so cool Tina – your photography is great
    too. . .Beth

    • Thanks Beth! I usually go outside to take pictures so I don’t have to use the flash. My pictures come out too washed out when I take them inside. This time I brought out paper, wood and was too lazy to windex the table. The first pictures you couldn’t tell it was a ring! So I pulled off a leaf from the geraniums! Voila!
      Then there is the other option….learn how to use my camera correctly!! – Tina

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