I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

I guess it’s better than feeling blue. It’s the season, I suppose. I made more carrot pens for my Etsy Shop and while I was at it I made more pumpkins. Happy, silly and  nervous so far. I’m doing an angry one now. Where are my tools?! This guy needs something plunged into his head. There we go!

Oops! The candy corn is real. I was snackin’.

Ok guys, group photo! Look over here…now, smile!

Group shots are so hard to get! Seems like there’s always somebody not paying attention. 

I guess that’s the best I can do. At least nobody’s mooning the camera! Crazy carrots. – T


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2 responses to “I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

  1. your lovely daughter

    Dont you ever get tired of making eyes!? ha I mean seriously Im writing this from the living room and I feel like Im being watched O.o everything has eyes. Im going to look at a real punpkin and the first thing thats going to come into my head is going to be where are its eyes? “oh its soo cute it has eyes!”-emily 🙂 ha

    • Ok Nikki, don’t hold back.
      Well see, even you remember Emily liked my stuff with eyes. I miss that funny girl. I wonder what she’s up to in North Carolina? Maybe she’s making stuff with eyes! – Tina

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