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Way Too Easy Autumn Table Runner

I have my grandma’s sideboard in my dining room. I love to decorate it. I think of her and all the family “get togethers” when I do. The day after Halloween I was putting away all the candles I had on it so I could get in the mood for Thanksgiving.

*Side note* I was told by my daughter and her friends that my Halloween display looked like a church in Las Vegas getting ready for a goth wedding with Elvis presiding. Kinda the look I was going for! …right.

Back to Thanksgiving! Since I don’t have any cheesy Fall decorations, I thought I would do something Nana would like. I don’t have much for Fall, but I do have my sewing machine!

 I didn’t do anything fancy to it, I figured I was covering up most of it anyway! I just cut 2 pieces of fabric in a shape I liked and batting to match, sewed around it leaving a place open to turn it inside out, top stitch and it’s done! Why couldn’t I have done this in past years? I don’t know. Anyway, I am ready for the turkey now! My little birdy friends there must have heard we were having corn.  – T

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