An Elephant Purse for Me

It’s time to retire my bag…

The problem is I’m too cheap to buy another one. That’s what  happens once you’ve sewn your own. I see plenty of bags at the stores I would like, but they are usually more than what I have in mind to spend.

There was a cute purse in a sewing book I have and it only takes a yard! At least I hoped it would come out cute. Next, search the stash for the perfect fabric. I had some Laurel Burch elephant fabric that wasn’t in a box with the rest, almost like it had already been choosen…spooky. I love this and I have plenty! 

So, I start sewing up the pieces, hmm, the instructions are a little hard to follow. Plus I have this bad habit of sewing 1/4″ seam allowances, this pattern said use 1/2″….uh oh.

 Not quite what I had in mind. It’s a good thing it only took me 3 days… I think it would have made a better jumper for a little girl from the way it looks. The purse under it is the one I drag around with me(and it looks like it, literally).

I’m going to try to find another pattern, I’m really not satisfied with this one.

Oh well.   NEXT!!  – T


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