The First Snowflake Of My Winter

I’ve finally given this quilling thing a shot. At first, I was very turned off about the whole craze. Probably because I worked in a print shop and used to trim note pads and such and throw away the same stuff that is sold for this craft! I had no interest, maybe because I didn’t save any trash from the print shop.

Then Crafty Staci posted on her Friday favorites about SNOWFLAKES!! Another one of my favorite things to decorate with! All different kinds to make. Do I have time to do them all?!! I started with this one and can’t stop. I think my family is starting to worry…I haven’t eaten or slept since I’ve been making these. Ok, ok, I have been eatting.


I am SO tempted to bust out the glitter, but then… I know I’ll be wearing it all season… involuntarally. -T

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