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Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

It’s not even January and I’m trying to get a jump on getting my act together. I don’t really get into the New Year’s resolution thing… but… Every year is the same thing. I barely get through Thanksgiving and BAM!! it’s Christmas rush! You know, for how old I am, you would think I would have a clue of how the whole holiday schedule works. So, I decided to not wait until the last-minute, this week I am working on Valentines hearts. Next week, we are coloring eggs for Easter…. no, not really.

I am working on red hearts right now. Some are steampunk, some not. Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I really like this picture. I bet you can’t guess what this heart is in/on.  – T


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I’ve Been Crabby Lately

Sorry we haven’t checked in for a while. We’ve been busy! You know, with Christmas an’ all.

Now that it’s behind us, I can finish the project that I started way too late to give on the 25th! Beach themed placecard holders(they can hold pictures too!). I seemed to be having trouble with every little detail of it/them. So, I set it to the side until after all the craziness!  When I told my sister-in-law that it(her gift) was taking a little longer than what I thought and told her what I had so far…

…she says “I thought they were going to be flip-flops”. 

I guess we see different things when we go to the beach. – T

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Christmas Cookies….

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We braved the rain to join Tina and Nikki to make Christmas Cookies.  Marie came down joining Jen and I for the trip to the Fun day of Sugar craziness.  Tina had all kinds of wonderful supplies collected so that we could make piles of cookies.  We made Giant Pretzels with white peppermint bark and nuts.  Ritz Mintz which are thin mints without the Girl Scout.  Gingerbread and sugar cookies in every shape and size.  We made Peanuts dipped in chocolate to make yummy peanut cluster bites.  Don’t forget the peppermint bark made with white chocolate and candy canes.    Graham Cracker gingerbread houses made with M & M’s, Dots, chocolate bars and gummy lifesavers.  I know there is more, but I can’t remember.  It could be due to sugar overload…  It was wonderful!

It was all very wonderful.  I was in charge of quality control.  AKA tasting everything….AKA-can you say sugar high-so my daughter said…. Someone had to lick the spoons..  We did finally get lunch about 2:00ish.  It was just as scrumptious as the goodies.  Tina is known for her cooking skills.  She had her house all decorated for Christmas including a wonderful Christmas tree.  Did we take lots of pictures- no we were too busy making cookies.  I think Jen did get a few pictures in the end.  Maybe Tina could add a shot of her tree.  It was a great day of fun and fellowship with good friends. 

We hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season.  God Bless you and your families! K & T

PS-Someone needs to teach these kids about Christmas Music……

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Purple Pendant

Purple Pendant
Pendant with extruded clay and dangles

 This is a pendant I made using clay extruded from the Makins extruder.  I then made dangles to hang from the center.  It is strung on wire that I have pounded after shaping into different shapes.  It is very fun to make the different little beads to go with the smaller dangles.  Most of them are made using  just scrapes of clay that have been twisted into cords.  I then form them into a bead.  It is then strung on a 20″ leather cord.  Wahlah!  -K

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Alternatives to “required jewelry”

Medic Alert Bracelets

 I started making some bracelets that work with medicalert tags.

  For the people who need to wear the bracelets due to being a diabetic or other medical conditions,

 these are a great alternative to the plain old silver bracelet.

They are interchangable so you can have different styles for different days!

  These pieces shown do not have any polymer clay beads, but I could definitely make them using clay.

  You could have one for all for every Holiday! 

This is just a few of the possibilities available.

If you need a gift for someone in your life that wears an alert tag- or for yourself,  let me know. 

I would be glad to make something especially for you!  -K


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One More Red Heart Ring

Before I moved on to the next project I felt like doing a few more rings. Usually I draw or sculpt my hearts rather “voluptuous”. To me, it just looks like that’s what they should be…really full. This ring is wearing a corset for that reason. She is top-heavy inspired.

Ooo, I just got another idea! – T

This item is featured in this treasury today on Etsy, yikes!

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I am still around!

Tina has been doing a great job lately keeping up with the posting.  I sure appreciate her!  Not to mention all of her fun stuff she has been showing us.  I have been away but have been thinking about the Christmas Season that is upon us.  My daughter is returning from her freshman year in college on Saturday.  I can’t wait to spend time with her decorating and shopping.

Tina and I plan on getting together to make some cookies too!  That should be a lot of fun.  We will have to see what wonderful recipes we can share with you all.

Marie of Art from my Heart  has been helping me with some of my photos.  I am working to get my Artfire site up.  It has been a slow process.  She took some great shots and I will share them with you.  But you will be able to purchase from me soon at that site.  This is a pendant that I made using the polymer clay, pigment powders and a repurposed earring.  I can’t imagine wearing earrings that big? 

I am sure glad I have such great friends!  Thanks Tina and Marie! -K

Pendant with Repurposed Earring

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How Did I Get Here?

Here’s a fun close up. I don’t like posting without a pic!

This morning I was told, by another Etsy Shop, my black snowflakes were going to be in her blog. So, I went to check out her blog. Wow! She finds the most interesting and unique stuff on Etsy and posts them on her blog. I was amazed. Take a look at her blog today . Also take a look at her EtsyShop. She does tatted jewelry and accessories. Very unique, goth, very beautiful.

I was surprised and happy that she likes my flakes enough to add them in her collection!

Thank you TotusMel Shop! – T

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Pink Polymer Clay Hair Pins

I’ve had these hair pins that I bought from The Clay Factory (Marie Segal’s husband’s store) a long time ago. Or at least it feels like a long time. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. Do I make them all pretty and stress about perfection?

No, I fall into creepy cute.

I’ve been in the mood for hearts lately. Shouldn’t I be getting ready for Christmas?! – T

Yup, they’re for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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Black Ice Snowflakes

Yet another craft I can’t get enough of at the moment! Oh, I am still working on the quilling, only now… it’s the dark side.

These remind me of a fancy iron work fence. You know, they have that basic black elegant look to them.

Kelly says I’m in a curly mood. I think she’s right!

 I’m working on a bunch of snowflakes for my Etsy Shop and gifts for Christmas. I’m really amazed by how sturdy these little pretties are. I think they could even survive me!  – T


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