Alternatives to “required jewelry”

Medic Alert Bracelets

 I started making some bracelets that work with medicalert tags.

  For the people who need to wear the bracelets due to being a diabetic or other medical conditions,

 these are a great alternative to the plain old silver bracelet.

They are interchangable so you can have different styles for different days!

  These pieces shown do not have any polymer clay beads, but I could definitely make them using clay.

  You could have one for all for every Holiday! 

This is just a few of the possibilities available.

If you need a gift for someone in your life that wears an alert tag- or for yourself,  let me know. 

I would be glad to make something especially for you!  -K



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5 responses to “Alternatives to “required jewelry”

  1. I have seen beaded ones but never interchangable bands. What a good idea! Yours look beautiful.

  2. I do the same thing with watch bands. I bought a watchface designed for beading, the made several different bracelets and clip on with lobster clays. Gets a lot of good comments.

    • You are right Arlene- these are the same idea. I had not even put the two together. I have a few watchfaces hanging around here waiting for something to happen. You might say Killing Time. Thanks for reminding me. I can give them another option for the bracelets. Kelly

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