Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

It’s not even January and I’m trying to get a jump on getting my act together. I don’t really get into the New Year’s resolution thing… but… Every year is the same thing. I barely get through Thanksgiving and BAM!! it’s Christmas rush! You know, for how old I am, you would think I would have a clue of how the whole holiday schedule works. So, I decided to not wait until the last-minute, this week I am working on Valentines hearts. Next week, we are coloring eggs for Easter…. no, not really.

I am working on red hearts right now. Some are steampunk, some not. Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I really like this picture. I bet you can’t guess what this heart is in/on.  – T



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One response to “Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

  1. You go girl! Keep those juices flowing. Let the New Year begin!
    I think that the heart is great. You must have laid it in water that was pooling on something dark??? Maybe the patio table? Fabulous Darling Fabulous. You know that it is never too early in the crafting word to be ahead of the holidays.

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