Metallic Steampunk Hearts

I’m over here busy making Steampunk Hearts that, I think, would make Jules Verne proud.

This little swirl stamp is my favorite, it seems to show up in most of my steampunks. Funny, the Swarovski Crystal is clear in color, the sun shine gave it a little pizzazz! 

 I have really been in the heart making mood for a while now. Who knows when I’ll move on to the next exciting thing. Hearts are so cool though. We can make mini art pieces that say a lot about us. There they are smack dab in the core of your body, they hold your secrets, your love, deepest desires… and they pump around our blood to our whole body too!

Awesome! – T


PS. Yup, these are for sale in my Etsy Shop 🙂



Filed under Polymer clay

5 responses to “Metallic Steampunk Hearts

  1. Your Steampunk Hearts are awesome! Very creative and artsy. I admire your talent. 🙂

  2. I love the hearts! Beautiful work…very fun pieces.

  3. These are absolutely stunning!

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