Gingerbread Heart Cookies

I really didn’t get any gingerbread cookies last Christmas. My daughter made some for her friends(with the help of Betty Crocker) that were yummy! They ate them all. I had one tiny cookie that didn’t pass quality control for aesthetic reasons. It was a whole lot better than the brand I’ve been using the past 100 years. Ok, maybe not that long. I like doing the whole gingerbread house, decorating cookies and even a gingerbread train. The other brand we liked to play with but not eat. After finding out that this years cookies were sooo much better, I went out and bought a couple more packages!

Well, I didn’t get another chance to make more until last week. Plus,  it was my turn to take something to snack on for the quilt guild meeting/event. Perfect excuse.

I couldn’t resist playing with the frosting. – T



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3 responses to “Gingerbread Heart Cookies

  1. Your cookies look so festive and tasty. I like that heart beat one, that’s really neat looking. Cool! 🙂

  2. I like the heart beat one too. Either E.C. and I are in your brain or you did a good job… Yummy Iwant some… But I am trying to be good. kelly

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