A Saloon Girl’s Steampunk Heart

I know, I know, you’re probably getting bored with all the hearts I’ve been showing you. But… I can’t help it, I’m on a roll!

This one sort of reminds me of the old west. The bright red of a painted lady and a bit of black for mystery and drama. Only this one is designed for that steampunk lover. Plus, as if there wasn’t enough red on it already I added 2 red Swarovski Crystals!

I just thought I’d mention that the heart is resting on a branch of Rabbit’s Foot Fern. The more I look at it, I keep thinking it’s parsley! …um, no.

Hey, didn’t that movie/show “The Wild Wild West” have a bunch of gizmos in it made by Jim West’s friend? – T



Filed under Polymer clay

6 responses to “A Saloon Girl’s Steampunk Heart

  1. Beth McClellan

    Very clever Tina your creativity amazes me.

  2. Love it. This is so pretty. I can see the idea of saloon Girl in it’s colors and creation. You do a fabulous job on interpretive art pieces. 🙂

  3. I was thinking Wild wild west when I saw the picture…. Then you mentioned it in the post. I like it! Kelly

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