Have You Tried Zentangle?

Several people from the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild have become, should I say involved with Zentangle.  You may not know that you have been doing it for years…  What is it you ask?  Doodling.  Well there are some guidelines out there, but that is a different post!  Several of us decided that we wanted to try a Zentangle Canes with Polymer Clay.  We decided that we would all use Black and White Premo clay.  We were to  make a cane which was approximately 1″ X 1″ and about 3″ long.  We would bring it to the next guild meeting and I would put them together. in one Zentangle Cane.  We ended up with six people taking part in the cane.  We did not have any idea what each other would be making with the clay.  We just hoped that it would all turn out.  It was very fun to see what each of us came up with.  Here they are….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each of the six people will now be able to take a portion of the cane and create something from it.  It will be interesting to see what the all come up with.  -K


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