Photo Shoot

Today I went to Tina’s house to visit, hang out, have lunch and take pictures.  I need to get busy and list some of my finished polymer clay items!  Here is a sneak peek…  

(Don’t look for this to be on sale anytime soon. Even though I did a great job. I will find something else to do and put this off. Heck, I probably won’t even post this, I will find an excuse.)

Oops did I say that out loud!   You know I have that problem with procrastinating…. there is so much stuff to learn.  I liked it better when I just got to make clay things.  I like to share them with other people so I will try and do better at posting here as well as getting them on my Artfire site.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are making up. 

Stay Tuned! – K



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2 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. Beth McClellan

    I love it Kelly – you got a winner with this one.

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