Oops, Derp.

Someone asked me if I could make some pink hearts the other day, so I did. Funny, it felt like I was playing with bubble gum. Pepto is too liquidy. Anyway, toodling along making hearts and from time to time getting interrupted by “mom” duties(man, I need to buy more frozen dinners!). Back to the hearts – I baked them, antiqued them, varnished if needed and let them dry. Then this morning took pictures so I could put them up on Etsy. Loaded the pictures on the computer, started to edit and noticed … 

No, this picture is not flipped/mirrored. The silly thing is I thought “oh, it’s backwards because I’m not wearing my glasses”.  As if that would fix it!

Maybe this heart pendant will be worth more when I’m famous….Ha!

You want to see the front? It’s in my Etsy Shop! – T



Filed under Clay, Polymer clay

4 responses to “Oops, Derp.

  1. lol That’s too funny. 😉

  2. Well, shucks, I forgot to say I went to your etsy. I think the front of this heart is really pretty. This & all Your other things are fabulous too. 🙂

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