More Black and White Stuff!

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Speaking again of Zentagle canes. 

 I have been using my cane section to make several pendants. 

Sorry my photography is not the best.  I think I might have to get my eye checked. 

 It is a bit of luck to get a good shot recently…

 There are lots of swirls going on.  I need to figure out how I really want to string them. 

I am thinking of maybe using some wire especially on the first one.  It is always an adventure.  -K



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2 responses to “More Black and White Stuff!

  1. Your photography is just fine. I definitely can relate to your thoughts of how hard it is to take photos of projects. My goodness, even in the best of lighting, you never know until you upload them if the photos turned out or not. I do love trying though, lol

    Very nice pieces of jewelry in b/w. I think they’re classy looking. 🙂

  2. Thanks E.C. It has been fun making thing with the colaberation of canes that the group came up with. I will be posting more. I learned a new photo system idea that I am planning on trying.
    Thanks for keeping us on your check list. Kelly

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