Refinishing A Dresser

My neighbor was having a garage sale back in November and had this fabulous dresser that I could refinish.  I decided that since my daughter is in college now that she needed to not have the dresser that she had painted purple with flowers.  Besides, one of these days maybe I will get her room for my crafts… I want to be able to enjoy it too.  Well I had just gotten her room back in order after doing some major cleaning and organizing.  But had someone who wanted the purple dresser for their 2 year old so it was High time for me to get the dresser done.  So Heidi and I got busy.  First we emptied the shelves which sit on the dresser and what was left in the dresser.  Then we decided to paint the wall as well.  So here is a picture of the dresser before we did anything to it, but after we took it apart.  I have a picture in my mind of what I think I want, but whether it will happen I am not sure.  I have visions of a somewhat distressed slightly white washed in places finish.. But only time will tell.  I will keep you posted.  -K


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6 responses to “Refinishing A Dresser

  1. I know this will be very lovely when you get it finished. I’ve never attempted refinishing furniture. I look forward to seeing the updates as you go along or when you get finished. 🙂

  2. Thanks EC. It is almost completed. I have been trying to find replacement hardware. But they are a odd size I guess. I am missing one of the handles. The holes are drilled at 4 1/2″ which is odd. SO I am trying to decide what to do. But I need to put it back in the room so I guess I will have to do with what I have for now. I learned a lot. It takes a lot of elbow grease.

    • I know this may sound like a silly suggestion, but have you checked on Ebay? It’s possible that you may find a match for the hardware you need.
      It looks like a lot of hard work to remove the old finish and then to get it refinished, re-hardwared and back together will take some doings too.
      I know you’ll be proud of it when you’re done. 🙂

      • Hi E.C.
        I have not done a bunch of checking on line yet. I was hoping to find something local… I did have to put it back together since my brother is coming so I needed the rrom for him. I will post what it looks like now and shop around for new hardware later… You are right, it is hard work trying to strip the old hardware and I really don’t like the color of it stripped. I will let you know… Kelly

  3. Wow that looks great!!
    Way to go!!

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