The Dresser is finish. Hardware is pending!

I finished the Dresser and placed it back into Jen’s bedroom in time for my brother to come visit from Nashville.  She has a lot of special dolls so I wanted to be able to showcase them on the hutch that she used to have books and other things as well as some of the dolls.  I removed the books and placed the dolls and a few other things that she wanted to have in her room.  I hope she likes the new look!  I really enjoyed refinishing the dresser.  I learned a few things and can use it the next time I try something.  Thanks again to my friend Heidi for her help!  I will keep looking for the hardware that I need for the drawers.  -K



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2 responses to “The Dresser is finish. Hardware is pending!

  1. I love it. You did a great job on it. I know you’ll find the perfect hardware for it. I like that doll hutch too. It’s very nice. You should be quite proud it all. 🙂

  2. Thanks again E.C. I really do like it. I hope Jen does. If not she will move out one of these days… Kelly

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