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Painted Walls!

Heidi and I have been busy with another project.  In order to encourage Alyssa, Heidi’s daughter, to keep her room clean once it has new carpet and a closet organizer we have been helping to decorate the walls with some painting.  She had a few artistic friends paint some different pictures here and there, but Heidi and I decided to add our own to the mix.  Alyssa really wanted a rose.  She also likes manga drawings and wanted a  Butterfree or a Pikachu.  We found a sprite which fit the bill of manga/butterfree.  After blowing up the images on the wall we got out the paint and got busy.  After two days of painting the room is finally ready for carpet.  Which will be here tomorrow!  Heidi sees the end of her home decorating in sight. -K


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No Blank Canvas Tennies Allowed

I was feeling the urge to Zentangle again. This time I thought it would be fun to do a pair of shoes.

 After hitting all the shoe stores around my neighborhood, and not finding a nice cheap pair of white canvas tennies, I decided to check my closet. It figures, there they were. Almost brand new and in my size!


I think, when I do my next pair, I will do smaller patterns. These may have come out this way because I used a fabric marker with a brush tip. It’s all I could find at the store at the time.

Something about white canvas shoes…so clean…begging for a chance to be a work of art! – T


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How About A Polymer Clay Peacock, Please?

Having success in the first request, I got another.

 *side note* Yeah, she bought the flamingo & palm tree and another flamingo pen I made! Woo Hoo!

Back to her next request ~ a peacock. Um, ok. I have seen them at the zoo before. Yikes, all those feathers!!

Here he is before he goes on the pen. Yeah, I am only going with only one feather because I think you should be able to pick up your pen and see what you are writing. I guess I’m funny that way.  – T


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Kalidescope Canes Galore!

Beads Galore!

Wow!  Am I having fun with these.  The colors worked out even better than I planned.  I have come up with all kinds of beads and pendant pieces that I hope to create some fabulous spring jewelry with.  The next step for most of them is sanding and buffing.  That is not my favorite part, but it makes them look so nice!  Once they have that nice shine then I will add more detail to some of them.  What exciting things to make…  I didn’t want to go to bed last night. -K


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Beads to go with the Pink Flamingo!

I have been making all kinds of beads.  When I made this bead I thought how well it went with your pink flamingo pen!  The other two beads have the pink, but the little one has the green to match the palm tree!  These were so fun and simple to make.  There are actually 3 different techniques using the same extrusion.  I just love that Makin’ Extruder! -K


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A Pink Flamingo In My Yard

I have a request from someone to make a pink flamingo and palm tree pen. This is my first shot at it.

I’m pretty happy with it. She didn’t give me much detail of what exactly she had in mind. This was in my mind. Only thing is I keep getting more ideas of how this could be done. I may end up with a whole flock!  – T


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A Frog On A Log

I’m back to doing polymer clay covered pens again. I kinda think of them as little mini art pieces. I had just finished up a herd of horses to put up on Etsy and had a few “logs” left over. A pen covered in wood grain polymer clay can be a stick for stick horses, a perch for birds or logs for frogs.

Look at him just smiling at you, relaxing on the end of the pen. What is going through that little green mind of his? Holding his chin, I’m guessing he’s thinking some nice thoughts.

I’m sure there are a few other things that could sit on these pens. I will not rest until I fully explore all the possibilities in my head! – T


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