White Sandy Beach With A Crab

A lot of times I have used a color on a project and have some left over still on my work space…

 …this time it was red.

I had a few polymer clay covered pens that looked like white sandy beaches with a shell and a starfish. Lonely, very lonely. So, I made a few crabs to add to the pens. It looks like he’s enjoying the view by the pool!   – T



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5 responses to “White Sandy Beach With A Crab

  1. Adorable. You clever gal. Your critter pens are so fun. 🙂

    • Thanks E.C.! I should make a cardinal like your little friends in your yard. They are red too! They remind me of little super heroes, they wear masks but no pants and fly.
      🙂 Tina

      • Cute visual you just gave me: birds as pantless super heroes. lol
        I bet you could make a beautiful bird or most any critter you set your mind too. Birds would be pretty on the pens… you could even make the pens wood grain like bark or a twig… Cool!

  2. I have! Parrots on perches and even a “phoenix”( the over cooked parrot). Look back at older posts or go to my Etsy shop http://www.handmademom.etsy.com There’s a link on the blog roll.
    I hope you get a chuckle,

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