Seeing Red….Fruit

I am still working with red polymer clay as you can see.

Maybe because I’m ready for the change in seasons, even though we don’t get too much of a change here. I’m looking forward to planting my garden! 

I looked up what the color red symbolizes. In a nutshell, life and vitality. Wear it or keep it around you for increased enthusiasm, more energy, action and confidence!

In China it symbolizes prosperity and joy.

Lots of good vibes. Who couldn’t use a little more of them?!   – T



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4 responses to “Seeing Red….Fruit

  1. Red is such a festive color and always fun to sculpt with.
    Those are pretty cherries. Looks almost like you could eat them up.

  2. Yeah, I know! I put the glaze on and BAM! I’m wanting to eat! It’s that chocolate thing all over again. Maybe that’s really my problem…all the colors look like some sort of food. :/ – Tina

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