Beads to go with the Pink Flamingo!

I have been making all kinds of beads.  When I made this bead I thought how well it went with your pink flamingo pen!  The other two beads have the pink, but the little one has the green to match the palm tree!  These were so fun and simple to make.  There are actually 3 different techniques using the same extrusion.  I just love that Makin’ Extruder! -K


Filed under Beading, Polymer clay

2 responses to “Beads to go with the Pink Flamingo!

  1. E.C.

    These are pretty and you’re right would go lovely with the flamingo pen.
    I’m curious as to what size of ‘Makin’ Extruder’ you have? I have one, but I could never get it to make such pretty things as your beads, the discs have hole design things that are really tiny .
    You did a dandy of a job on these beads. Very nice. 🙂

  2. Thanks E.C. There is only one Makin Extruder. I have all kinds of tricks to do with it…
    I will have to go tell you about it on your site…kelly

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