How About A Polymer Clay Peacock, Please?

Having success in the first request, I got another.

 *side note* Yeah, she bought the flamingo & palm tree and another flamingo pen I made! Woo Hoo!

Back to her next request ~ a peacock. Um, ok. I have seen them at the zoo before. Yikes, all those feathers!!

Here he is before he goes on the pen. Yeah, I am only going with only one feather because I think you should be able to pick up your pen and see what you are writing. I guess I’m funny that way.  – T



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5 responses to “How About A Polymer Clay Peacock, Please?

  1. Beth McClellan

    He is beautiful Tina and very cleverly done with the feather.

  2. Thanks Beth. I never realized how beautiful peacock feathers are. When I was picking one out, it was harder than I thought to choose only one. The next day I went back and bought five more feathers! – Tina

  3. He’s gorgeous. It’s so cool how you put the bird and tail feather together. Well done! 🙂
    Is the body painted or is that a shiny clay?

  4. Thanks E.C. It’s black clay with blue pearl ex powder on it and a coat of polyurethane varnish(because it will be handled). I think it looks a lot like my dad’s car. – Tina

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