No Blank Canvas Tennies Allowed

I was feeling the urge to Zentangle again. This time I thought it would be fun to do a pair of shoes.

 After hitting all the shoe stores around my neighborhood, and not finding a nice cheap pair of white canvas tennies, I decided to check my closet. It figures, there they were. Almost brand new and in my size!


I think, when I do my next pair, I will do smaller patterns. These may have come out this way because I used a fabric marker with a brush tip. It’s all I could find at the store at the time.

Something about white canvas shoes…so clean…begging for a chance to be a work of art! – T



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5 responses to “No Blank Canvas Tennies Allowed

  1. HappySod

    I always thought of doing this myself…never quite got round to it/dared to. I really love how yours turned out though! Love the patterns!

    • Thanks Happy,
      I know what you mean. It was scary to make that first line! Once I got going it was fun. Also, I started on the side facing the other shoe(arch side) and worked my way around to the more visable parts! – Tina

  2. Wow You’re good. These look like designer shoes. I like how fun a project this would be. Well done! I agree the solid white canvas does beg to become art. 🙂

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