A Polymer Quilt Cane, Part 2

Finally last night I finished all of the pieces to my quilt cane! This bad boy is bigger than any cane that cometh before him(that I’ve done). It weighed in over 2 pounds!

 This is half. As you can see it is too soft to monkey with(reduce) it right now. Did that stop me? Um…no.

I have a ton of this sorta wonky quilt. I hope my friend likes it anyway. You know quilters like to be very precise.

 I’m trying to get over being so fussy with my art that it puts me in a bad mood. I probably should have held on to the fussy for this project! I better get started on a different quilt just in case looking at this one makes her twitch. – T




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5 responses to “A Polymer Quilt Cane, Part 2

  1. Oh, wow! I love it anyway! The colours are so vibrant.

  2. I think you did a dandy of a job and she will be happy as a clam with it. 🙂

    • Thanks E.C.. I hope so. If not I’m thinking I’ll have a lot of Christmas gifts with this quilt on it, not to mention teacher gifts, stuff for sale, cover everything in my house and maybe even tile the bathroom with it! – Tina

  3. Nice! Christmas gifts?

    • I have to find something to do with this big thing. You wouldn’t believe how much of this cane I have left!
      Actually, maybe you would! Aren’t you the queen of big gigoondus canes?!

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