Polymer Clay Candy Sticks And Mints

Way back when my hubby and I were dating we used to like to go to Old Town, here in San Diego. We would walk all around and then have dinner in the Bazaar Del Mundo. Actually, he asked me to marry him while we were waiting for a table at Casa De Pico.

 *pause here for a happy little sigh*

Anyway, we seem to go to Old Town a lot still. I like to go to The Shepherdess, it’s a great bead shop. It’s been there a long time. Nobody in the family wants to go if it means waiting for me to check out what’s new at the bead store. So this is where the candy shop comes in handy, sort of. I come out of The Shepherdess with a really small bag that cost a small fortune, and the kids come out of the candy store with a small bag that cost a small fortune! Everyone is happy but daddy, who gets to pay.

Sooo… inspired by the candy shops around San Diego and on Little House On The Prairie, I have made these.

I have them in these bottles because I had a request to fill that size. I am on a candy roll and going to make a zillion or so.

Outta my way Willy!  – T



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3 responses to “Polymer Clay Candy Sticks And Mints

  1. Sweet story and yummy art! Your candies look so edible. 🙂

  2. Deb

    I feel a sugar craving coming on.

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