I Have Corns!

Yes, I do! Lots of POLYMER CLAY CANDY CORNS! Still on my candy kick, I’ve been working with Halloween colors. I need to be ready when the holidays hit. So far, I have itty bitty no hole corns, small corns with holes running across, medium corns with holes across and some vertical, large corns with vertical holes. I should have taken the picture before separating the different kinds, sorry, I am not letting them get mixed up again! I made these using Cernit brand polymer clay, I think it looks the most like the real thing! I bought the clay from Clay Factory Inc. in Escondido.

I used white porcelain, orange and lemon

Whew, that’s a bunch! … or is it a bushel?

I wonder if I have enough to part with on Etsy?  – T


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8 responses to “I Have Corns!

  1. Thanks for the link Tina! I really appreciate it!
    Your corns look great!!

  2. lol such fun! I like your sweet sculpts. 🙂
    How do you like Cernit? I’ve never used it, but I hear it’s a god choice because of it’s strength. Do you think it’s stronger than sculpey and fimo? Just curious. 😉

    • Thanks E.C.!
      I used to use Premo! I liked the colors and workablity. Now it’s so soft.
      Sculpey and Sculpey III is not strong and is too soft.
      I have some Fimo, it used to be really hard to get going or warmed up. I didn’t like spending all my time conditioning the clay. Now it’s too soft.
      These guys changed the formulas and the clay has suffered.

      I like Kato Clay but it’s hard to find and a bit more $.

      I do like Cernit. It does take some getting used to, the colors have a bit of a translucency to them and bake a bit darker. The candy corn I made is straight from the package. My friend Marie Segal works only with Cernit. Check out her blog Art From My Heart, it’s on our blogroll. Marie has art and tutorials there! She knows a lot more than me about polymer clay! I seem to be asking her about something all the time! – Tina

      • PS. I forgot to mention I still use Premo! I have a ton still. I will buy black and white, I ran out of that a long time ago. It just bothers me that it’s so mushy. 😦 – Tina

      • Thanks so much for all the info. This is great stuff and helpful to me.
        I tried Kato, I got a nice size block of it on sale. I don’t like it because of the smell. Premo is okay, but I prefer Sculpey III and Fimo mixed. I plan to try Cernit sometime. I sculpt for my personal enjoyment. I’ve never sold nor even given away a piece ‘yet’ and I’ve been sculpting since 2005. I’m not real confident in the quality because of how weak the clay seems to me. Well that and I just can’t let go of my creations their like my kids. lol

        I’ve been lurking on Marie’s blog for a few weeks. She is an amazing artist. Her tutorials are really good and look easy to follow.
        I think You, Kelly and Marie are all fabulous artists. 🙂

  3. That’s funny, I kinda like the smell of Kato. I have heard other people complain about the smell too. Then again, I love the smell of print shop ink and solvent!
    I mostly try to keep my sculptures tight, like no long thin arms just out there and keep my cat’s tails against their bodies. I figure it’s less chance of things to snap off. I have dropped lots of my pieces and been surprised when they don’t break and when they do.
    Those girls are wonderful friends as well! Thanks – Tina

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