Care For A Mint?

I have made a bazillion polymer clay mint beads…or at least it feels like it!

This is also Cernit polymer clay. You gotta check out Clay Factory Inc., Howard’s waiting.

 I used white(porcelain) with a little opaque white mixed in and red. I think, except for the size, they look very real.

This is only some of what I have! I don’t even have a plan for them all. Hmm, bracelets? necklaces? for ornaments? I know, a mini garland!  – T


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7 responses to “Care For A Mint?

  1. Beth McClellan

    These are just to cute – maybe you could put something next to them to give an idea of the scale ( a penny or quarter?). Now you can create a little candy store – like the quilt shop in the polymer clay quilt patterns book – you know in your spare time. . .

    • Oops, you’re right Beth! I really should’ve put a penny in the pic. The bottle in the picture is 3″ tall and the “candies” are about 3/8″ across.
      Good one, my spare time!! hey…maybe I will… – Tina

  2. They look perfect Tina, just perfect.
    This can not be good for a diet, can it?

  3. They are perfect for a diet Tina!!! Small and no calories. I wish I could say yum yum… But they are really cute!

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