Bead for the Fair

Lathe turned Bead

I promised I would tell you about my second entry for the San Diego County Fair.  I made a bead that had a beach theme.  It had a big wave, a sand castle, some footprints in the sand and a big sun.  But it did not excite me.  I had initially wanted to enter one of my beads that I turn on the lathe.  So I looked around to see if I had one that was nearly finished.  I found one that I really liked that just needed to be sanded and buffed to a nice shine.  I wanted to add some wire and accent beads to dress it up a bit.  I used some crystals.  Give it a little Bling!  I even created the Bead Stand for it so it can be displayed at the fair.  You can check it out there.  -K


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5 responses to “Bead for the Fair

  1. Thanks for checking us out Christie! Kelly

  2. That’s a winner in my book if I ever seen one. It’s one of the most cheerful beads that I’ve seen in a long spell. You really put alot of work into it. Your stand is fabulous too. Well done, Kelly. I hope it’s a winner at the fair too. 🙂

  3. Hi E.C. You are so sweet! Thanks. It is always fun seeing what happens at the fair. I am still trying to perfect my turning of the clay on a lathe. Hey I really am going to email you soon. I took a 2 day class over the weekend. It was fabulous. With Marie Segal. She always teaches us something new even when you think you know what she is teaching. Kelly

    • I’ve always thought wood/metal lathes were so cool, but I didn’t know you could use one for clay. That’s really interesting. I look forward to hearing how the fair goes for you. I hope it’s a fun and winning experience.
      The classes and things you & Tina take sound so interesting. I think learning knew techniques and improving on old ones is such good fun and ever so helpful.
      There’s no rush on the email. Whenever you get a chance to send it is fine with me. I’m as patient as a clam. 😉

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