Polymer Clay Purple Steampunk Pendant of Happiness

While I was working on steampunk pendants I wanted to put a little more meaning into this little art piece. Maybe a thought or message. Keeping in mind that with this one I only had one inch square to work in. No way would I be able to rubber stamp any words longer than two letters. This really limits my choices in English.

In my stash of rubber stamps I have a secret weapon. One that will help me convey what good vibes I was concentrating on while making the pendant…muahahaha…Chinese characters!

This one is Happiness. The copper of the finding and purple compliment each other, add the sparkle and shine from the watchworks. I’m good with this.  – T


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4 responses to “Polymer Clay Purple Steampunk Pendant of Happiness

  1. This is a fun piece to spread some cheer. I like the message and the pendant turned out great. 🙂

    • Thanks E.C.
      I just had a goofy thought. I wonder if I could find other random words in the Chinese characters… like peanut butter? People would think you have some deep intellectual meaning hanging around your neck and you say “nah, it says peanut butter” – Tina

      • ~rofl~ What a delightfully quirky idea. Not goofy at all, just pure old good fun. lol I think you should try a few out. Thanks for the laugh, you are so funny. 🙂

  2. tee hee! I think I just might now. 🙂

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