Little Owls On Etsy

These little birdies are new in my Etsy Shop. They are actually in with the one listed as a necklace WHOO is purple, these are the others available upon request.

I think Nikki did a great job making these owl beads. Yeah, I let her sneek ’em in. She’s trying to make enough money to go to Warped Tour to see her favorite bands. 

I put them on a chain and made the necklaces so, I can put them in my shop. Really good chain I might add, she didn’t like the cheapy stuff. I enjoyed making up necklaces with her, she has her own style. Very cool.  – T



Filed under Polymer clay

4 responses to “Little Owls On Etsy

  1. Nikki I like them a lot! They are very nice! Good job. I guess then you have your Mother’s permission to go to this “Warped Tour”? I willl have to check out the necklace! Kelly

  2. Nikki is quite talented and takes after her Mom. The owls are so cute. 🙂

  3. Loooooove these owls *__* Great job!

  4. I think Nikki did a great job with these little hooties. She has her own way and talent. It was nice doing clay with her 🙂 ❤ – Tina

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