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Little Polymer Clay Quilts

I made this cane about a month ago and let it sit, too nervous to cut, reduce or even handle it. I think I let it rest long enough. I’m going to make pins or magnets out of them… I think.

I liked this pattern when I saw it in a book, the only problem is I forgot what its name was! At the time I was looking at so many, I tried to keep track of what they were. I’m sure as soon as I hit publish I’ll find my notes…I hope.

This will drive me nuts. – T


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My Early Harvest!

I am so late on my gardening that it’s not even funny! Ok, maybe a little funny…

This is my early harvest!

These are the latest guys to hit my Etsy Shop. Do you know any vegans looking for a corn on the cob pen?

A little corny, right?  – T

 *No actual veggies were harmed in the sculpting of these pens.* 


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