Excuse Me While I Freshen Up

I’m still working on little polymer clay things.

 What? …. it’s not food? Maybe I’ll take a break from food right now.

As usual I get on a roll and go too far. Because really, how many of these does a girl need? Maybe quite a few, these are only 1 inch tall! I was going to make lots of colors, but I really like the red. Funny thing, I almost never wear lipstick! I think bright red would not be my first choice.

Next project – mini watermelon slices. I had some, just not enough to fill the 3″ bottle. I better go check the garden, see how they’re doing.  – T



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3 responses to “Excuse Me While I Freshen Up

  1. Them are the cutest lippy-stix that I’ve ever seen. 🙂
    I hope you post pictures of your watermelon slices, I know they look delicious. 😉

  2. Thanks E.C.!
    I will be sure to show you! I have really been in the mood to create lately. I have so many things that are just bunching up in my head!
    – Tina

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