Seeing Stars

No, I didn’t get a punch in the eye! Or even go to Hollywood. I’m just filling an order, a really small order. They look big in the picture.

Ok, maybe they don’t. I punched these little stars out of polymer clay with a Kemper Cutter. The Clay Factory carries them. They are reasonably priced too. You could collect them all, because you know you will need the one you skip over if you don’t! I did.

It was fun doing all these colors. They remind me of the ball pit that little kids jump in. Except these would probably poke your eye out… not good.

One more mini down, what will be next?  – T



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6 responses to “Seeing Stars

  1. Beth McClellan

    Love the happy colors – they make me smile.

  2. These look like a cheerful version of skittles. They’re really pretty and fun. 🙂

    • LOL! I have Skittles on my workspace right now! …oops, maybe not, but I kept the bag for inspiration. My son ate them, I kept one for size. I also have a bag of PB M&M’s, Peanut M&M’s and Plain…reasearch…
      I am actually working on those famous candy coated chocolate pieces…
      – Tina

  3. Keri Ann

    What size are the stars?

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