Simply Painted Garden Trellis

Working out in the garden, I noticed this plant that didn’t look like the others. This one had bigger rounder leaves and little curly arms like a vine. Ooo, maybe it will someday give me grapes or some sort of berries! The poor little thing has been chopped down with the geraniums at least 7 times! That’s how long we’ve lived here.  So to make sure this doesn’t happen again I thought I would draw more attention to it.

This was just an old trellis the previous owners left in the patio. I have a terra cotta pot painted to match (…why?). I love it even though it is so simple. When my daughter saw it she said “oh yeah, Mary Engelbreit”. Yes, I am a fan. Simple, colorful and fun. Thank you M.E.

I can’t stop here…can I?  – Tina



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6 responses to “Simply Painted Garden Trellis

  1. I like that trellis. It’s festive looking and I bet with the pot it does look cheerful like a Mary Engelbreit theme.
    I wonder what type of vine that is. I hope it gives you bunches of berries. I know it will flourish under your tender care. I look forward to updates. 🙂

    • It’s already proved it’s stubborn, I hope it survives me!
      I like to garden, I’m really not that good at it, I do try though.

      • I can hardly wait to see what it is. 🙂
        Did you know with your statement the other day about replanting veggies if you want some new ones made me wish for the first time since I was a child that I was living in California? 😉

  2. Me too! I’ll try to look it up.
    Why did you want to live here back then? I’ve been wondering about living somewhere else, only I’m a nervous Nelly. My husband has always wanted to move somewhere more country/woodsy like Montana. But there isn’t any surf there for him!

    • Montana is a beautiful state. I’ve never been there, but hope one day to get to go there. And you’re right, there’s no surf there. lol
      I’ve visited a few places across the states, but like you, I’m nervous about moving somewhere else.
      One of the reasons I wanted to live in California was, when I was a child, I heard there was gold there for anyone who wanted to be a prospector… and then… I grew up and realized the only prospectors that profited was the big companies… oh and also my desire to live there was shaken by ya’ll’s little earthquakes. 😉
      But California’s sand and surf and temperate weather may convince me to go there yet. 🙂

      • We have Disneyland too…you have to come visit the “the happiest place on Earth”! Shake hands with Mickey Mouse?
        We will try to keep the shaking to a minimum. 🙂

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