Fresh Cherry Pie!

 I am enjoying my time in Montana on the homestead.  I got to pick cherries for Aunt Tam to make fresh apple pie.  The cherries looked so pretty on the trees.  I had to take some pictures.  The pie was oh so yummy.  Sunday morning we also got to have Aunt Tam’s “Awful Waffles” – Awful Good Waffles, that is…  So we have fabulous scenery and scrumptuous food.  Fresh fruit and veggies from the garden.  What more could you ask for?  Maybe a few less mosquitoes. 

You can check out Tina’s fabulous fruit corsage pins on her etsy site  They look good enough to eat!  -K


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5 responses to “Fresh Cherry Pie!

  1. Sounds like a deliciously good time. 🙂

  2. Victoria

    I’m just curious. How do you make apple pie from cherries?

    • Ha! How funny and none of us caught that!
      Wow Kelly, you guys must be really good in the kitchen!
      I’d like to know too. Although, I do like cherry better than apple.

      • lol this is crazy cool, I totally missed the picking cherries for an apple pie… although a cherry apple pie sounds delicious.

  3. Victoria you caught me! I got to pick the other kind of cherries yesterday. 85 cents a pound. Yummy. And zuchini and pea pods and brocolli. Kelly

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