Double Rainbow in the Morning!

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Waking up to the thunder, I looked out the window and saw a double rainbow.  I expected to see lightening, but saw a beautiful rainbow which arched over the homestead.  It was amazing. One picture shows a garden fountain made from old pieces of farming equipment collected off the farm.   Needless to say I couldn’t go back to sleep.  But the sun rises are as amazing as the sunsets here in Montana.  We leave tomorrow and I will miss it all, except the mosquitos.  -K


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2 responses to “Double Rainbow in the Morning!

  1. I’m awestruck. What a breath-taking site. It looks so mystical and enchanting place. Your photos are fabulous. I’d miss that beautiful place too. Thanks for sharing the beauty. 🙂

  2. Thanks E.C. It is truly a Fabulous place. one of the uncles that lives there just keeps adding more lawn and trees to the place. It is like a big park in the middle of this wonderful setting. They spend a lot of time mowing the lawn. It is so peaceful there. Now it is back to reality… And Clay! Which I am ready for! Kelly

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