Drive You Buggy!

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I am planning on doing a demonstration on making bugs at Sandy Camp which is coming up next week.  I have made lots of cute bugs.  Since we are celebrating our 13th year with Trick and Treat I was wanting to make some that are more Creepy.  So I have made a few Scarabs and beetles.  I have not come up with anything too scarry yet.  Maybe some of the other campers will make something that will scare everybody…. I will keep trying.  They all don’t have their eyes or their antenna.  I have to get them completed and baked.  I wanted to show you that I have been doing something.  I figured that some of the bugs would look good on the Birdhouses which still need decorated!  -K


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2 responses to “Drive You Buggy!

  1. I love your little buggers. They’re so cute and fun. 🙂

  2. kelly

    Hi E.C. Thatnks so much. I was having so much fun doing them. I thought of lots more different ideas for them if I wanted to spend a bunch of time blinging them up or other details…. I need to keep it simple for the demo I am doing though. So do you have any ideas for Creepy…. I think I will ask Tina. She may have something up her sleeve… Kelly

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